Concept for life

The basis for a long and active cat or dog life is a species-appropriate, balanced nutrition. Each pet will have individual dietary needs, based on age and life style.

Puppies and kittens need lots of energy and the right nutritional components to ensure healthy growth. Older pets will need a food with fewer categories. This is especially true if your cat has been sterilised. Cats that live mainly indoors spend a lot of time grooming so they need a cat food that encourages a reduction in hairball formation and helps to expel any swallowed hair. Outdoor cats need plenty of vitamins and minerals to support their immune system and different cat breeds benefit from a food specifically created to suit the characteristics of that breed.

Dogs also need a balanced food with all the vital nutrients for a healthy life. This mix of nutrients will vary depending on size and breed. For example, large breed dogs put pressure on their joints and bones so need a different food to smaller dogs, to ensure that their joints and bones stay strong and healthy. Concept for Life provides your cat and dog with a tailored nutrition so it is easy to select the right food for your pet. This top quality food has been developed together with leading pet nutrition experts. It is made with innovative, science-based ingredients so that it is perfect for your pet’s nutritional needs at every life stage. You can be assured that you are feeding your pet with the right food for its life style. Concept for Life is premium pet food at a great price. Tailored nutrition to suit your cat or dog’s individual needs.